we chose to showcase the team behind the brand, MEDICAL TOURISM EVENTS 01. Targeting a very sensitive persona with fertility issues build a close one-to-one relationship with the audience and raise trust while speaking to the patients letting them know how we can truly assist.

Increase in Trust (LTV)

Increase in Leads

Increase in Brand Recall

The Story

Create a new Life

A well-know fertility expert doctor head of a fertility clinic knows better than anyone that many times the real problem is hidden deeper. With a combination of a peaceful place and an holistic approach the patient is ready to create a new life!



The Goal
Our Solution

Talk directly to the patient

Digital channels have the power to speak more personally to a prospect than ever before. We created a funnel based on two main communication pillars. The high expertise of the doctors and the depressed – distressed emotions that patients experienced.

Our Success

A vivid Strategy

Personalized communication built through live videos on social media and one-tonne video calls via a/b testing landing pages. We managed to achieve a 165% raise in event responses in just a 3 month period. Finally a brand recall increase of 26%, with the personal brand recall to being raised by 32%.