Want to know how VALUE helped the Athena Organization enhance creativity and optimism in Greek society during the pandemic's lockdown?

The Client

The ATHENA Organization is a non-profit organization with public benefit character and with a vision to change the conditions and the daily life of the people living in Greece. Inspiration, activation, mobilization and connection are achieved through the organization’s actions, with the quote “Because, for society we can!”.


In 2020, with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, extraordinary social needs created for each individual and for humanity as a whole. In response to those needs, the #κάνετοκαλό (#dogood) campaign and the thematic competition “Δύο Μέτρα Φιλί” (“Two Meters of Kiss”) were created.

The Challenge

Through the changes caused by the confinement situation in our country, the main goals of the organization were the following:

  • Enhancing creativity and optimism.
  • Cover the needs of the society.
  • Economic and social support of artists.
  • Increase brand awareness. 👉 500k
  • Increase the organization’s interaction with social media (Facebook & Instagram).
The Solution

The #κάνετοκαλό campaign was created to cover society’s needs:

  • Hashtag campaign was created, #ιστορίεςελπίδας (#storiesofhope), in which stories of people and organizations that acted as inspiration, were promoted.
  • Social media user were invited to participate with their own actions using the #ιστορίεςελπίδας hashtag and upload their personal inspiring story.
  • Society’s needs were communicated through posts on social media as well as with a corresponding promotional video of the organization.
  • AR Filter creation that users can use to communicate their own good practice through Instagram story, while using the hashtag #κάνετοκαλό.
  • At the end of the campaign, a video that presents all the good deeds announced by the users, was created.

For the social and financial support of the greek artists, the thematic competition “Δύο Μέτρα Φιλί” was created:

  • Creation of a digital promotional campaign before the start of the competition, promoted on the organization’s social media (Facebook / Instagram).
The Results

Campaign #κάνετοκαλό:

  • Reach: 1.3M
  • Unique Video Viewers: 994k
  • Εgagements: 387k

Thematic competition “Δύο Μέτρα Φιλί”:

  • 304 Participations
  • 14 Winners
  • 21.000€ in Prizes
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