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Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Director

Konstantinos Kotsigiannis is a digital marketing pioneer and Co-Founder of VALUE who helps Businesses and Startups build a marketing strategy and a branding story in order to succeed in the digital environment.

When he is not working, you will find Konstantinos discovering new technologies, while thinking about how they are going to change social norms. He also spends his leisure time reading astrophysics-related articles – in-between watching football.

Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

Ioanna Io Anastasaki is a Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist of VALUE, a digital marketing agency that helps Businesses and Startups build a marketing strategy and a branding story in order to succeed in the digital environment. She has over 10 years of international experience as both an Entrepreneur and Consultant.

When Ioanna is not working, she is exploring new practices and technologies while thinking about how to change social norms. She also likes finding out what’s wrong with the world by reading books on economics, politics, and philosophy.

Argyro is the unicorn of VALUE. From her office, she is ready to help everyone via emails, phone calls and messages. Entering the office? You will be welcomed with the warmest smile. Her motto is “Little Friday sugar, little Friday honey”. 

Eleftheria is Business Developer Manager at VALUE. She uses her skills to make the team and our partners happy every day. She’s always really excited to take up projects and meet new people and their pets. FYI, she’s the reason we have tea in the office.

Antonia is a Business Development Manager at VALUE. She has studied Applied Mathematics at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and has a passion for Business Analysis along with Economics. She is a well-organized and cheerful person. If you are around her you can’t be in a bad mood!

Elisavet works, based on her hobbies. The bad thing about this is that she can not sing to her clients! Nevertheless, Elisavet, as Account, gives all of her energy to service them and organize their moves on social media. She studied Οrganization and Business Administration at the University of Piraeus.

Dione is a Newcastle University alumna who has repatriated recently. As an Account Manager, her punctuality gives her the edge, but in her personal life, she is the one waiting for everyone to arrive and gets her mad. She is a passionate y2k aesthetic advocate. As you can see she holds a Nintendo as her Tamagotchi got lost a while ago. RIP to her Tamagotchi.

Evgenia is passionate about her role as Account Manager and strives to provide the best care to our customers. The only thing she loves more than numbers is a good book – or seven. Confectionery is part of her daily routine – she always has cookies to share with you!

Nikoleta could be a computer wiz. She chooses Linux over Windows and tries her best to balance her social life with work! She’s involved in PPC Advertising, as well as in Web Development. Always available to conquer any task as long as it involves spending time with puppies and eating salmon teriyaki rolls.

Alex prefers designing to talking. According to her, designing is more enjoyable and leaves less room to chatter. If you don’t hear from her, she got lost in pixels! Have you ever seen someone sing and design at the same time? That’s Alex!

Whilst art can be discovered all around, according to Nick, it mostly resides within ourselves. considered a manner of expression for some · it’s a way of breathing life for him. Nick also has the best dance moves in the office. 

Have you seen the poster child for finding the right way? Voila! Marianna’s passion for all artsy things couldn’t be ignored any longer, and becoming a graphic designer is a one-way career path for her. On top of that, being a proper nature and book-lover makes her the total artistic figure in the office.

Eleftheria is an Account Manager by day, and an Athenian explorer by night! Trying to live the marketing life to the fullest and she does not stress so much about it. Her motto? “Stress, I don’t know her!”. Secretly, everyone here is jealous of her closet and style. 

Natalia’s motto: “Just smile, and the rest will be fine”. Needless to say that she has the office’s award for the brightest smile… that’s why everything is fine here. Having always amazing ideas, Natalia is in charge of social media management.

Nikos, despite his economic studies, quickly found his passion for digital marketing – d-uh. You could say he’s an absolute bookworm when it comes to politics and economics. For Nikos, leisure time equals binging marketing and entrepreneurship podcasts. It’s a 10/10!

Panagiotis is a results-oriented professional who enjoys working with people. Being a 90’s kid, he is always ready to listen to music and has been known to pass many levels in video games. He is great at working in a fast-paced and building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and vendors. How many tattoos does he have? Nobody knows.

Giannis is an IT student with an expertise in economics and digital marketing. As one-of-a-kind as Giannis is, he found his destiny early on in life – helping other people become better versions of themselves. When he is not in the office, you’ll definitely find him watching movies, or playing basketball. Greek Freak, do you hear that?

Sissi is a free spirit who enjoys exploring exotic cuisines by day and Athens by night. She has studied Applied Mathematics, and has the office vibe at its maximum productivity – as it should as an Office and HR Manager. Middle name: Organisation. Enemies: Deadlines. Motto: “This too shall pass.”.

Our beloved model! His full name is Luffy Mewinghton and he’s a real gentleman. When Kostas is not in the room he cries. His life motto: “Meaw meaw”.

A magical beast that can eat anything! But with those eyes, you can’t resist but to pet him. Favourite food: office supplies. 

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