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Greek Facebook Ads Political Landscape Analysis 2019

Facebook’s efforts to improve transparency in political ads are now a truly global affair. The tech giant after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica and the US elections back in the 2016 has made its transparency tools available to advertisers worldwide. The ads themselves are available for seven years alongside data like the view count and demographics.
So, we analyzed Facebook’s spending in Greece, for the period of March 2019 till the 7th of July 2019, the total ad spent refers to the European Parliament, Local and the National elections.
Data Period: March 2019 – July 2019
Total number of Ads:
~ 19,000
Total Amount Spent:
€ 1,266,218
Ad Spent by Party:
VALUE - Marketing Agency
The above sums are not final. Its party ad spent is calculated by the amount that the party has spent, as well as the sum of their politicians ad spent. For this analysis we only included ad spents greater than € 1,000. Thus, the total amount per party might differ by an increase of 5%-8% range.
Ad Spent by Politician:
VALUE - Marketing Agency
The budgets above are only alocated in Facebook, the budgets for TV ads, print, radio and Google (YouTube & Banners) are not included in this analysis.
The Article will be updated with more analysis in the current thesis. Stay tuned!
You can contact us in case you want the raw data.