AR Projects

Augmented Reality is impacting social media big time. The biggest and most popular social networks in the world today are embracing it. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are releasing app updates featuring their AR experiments. Now, we are taking lots of selfies with AR filters, some of us are playing AR games, while others are amusing themselves with their 3D avatars.

AR Causes Impulse Buying

Imagine yourself examining an AR Facebook advertisement which sells sunglasses for 70% off. You clicked it, you tried the eyewear on using your camera and screen, and you liked it. Then, you see that the promo ends in a few hours and there are a few stocks left!

It’s hard not to buy the sunglasses now, right?

This is what we call impulse buying. Online shopping is a tedious process inside our brains. The AR application gave you all the information you need about the product. It answered all the important questions like “would it suit me” etc. Then, marketing strategies made you feel that you need to purchase now. So, you, the impulse buyer, added the item to the cart and purchased it.

Don’t Be The Last to Embrace AR Tech

Augmented reality is heavily linked to social media. It’s easier to embrace and adapt the technology because social media networks made it available for you and for the 37% of the world’s population (and counting). So, use it to leverage your business now. Don’t be the last to embrace AR technology. You might miss out on the fun.